Build and upgrade your village, Build your army, Collect resources, Trade resources, Create alliance, Take the capital, ...

Enjoy Telos Blockchain

Collect various type of NFTs

Xpell is a game based on NFTs

All magic and heroes NFTs are unique in graphic and powers owners can use them in the game

What coins Xpell is supporting for trade?

Bitcoin, Etherium, Telos, Link, USDT, USDC and DRIC

Xpell Roadmap


The development of Xpell has been started in

March 2021

Smart-contracts, backend and stories for version 1.0 is finished

First Auction

The first auction will be held in

June 2021

In the first aution we will sell about 40 NFT items

And 10 more NFT items will be given as giveaways

Starting the first round of Xpell

The first round of the game will start in

July 2021

Until this date all NFTs can be traded in AreaX NFT Marketplace

The process of each round of Xpell game

NFT Auction

Before each round of the game we will mint limited magic and tool NFT items

These NFTs will be sold in auctions

Starting a round of the game

Xpell is an online multiplayer game

Playing in each round of game is free for all, you need just to have a Telos account in Hamian wallet

The end

Xpell is not an endless game

At the end of each rounds winner will get the prize and will get aligned noblesse or hero NFT


Crypto Currencies


Players in each round


Unique NFTs


Real Money For Winners


We know you have questions too.
Is the the game free to play?

Yes, it’s free to play. Also you can pay for unlocking some features or abilities. And game is balanced for players who don't want to pay.

Why should I play Xpell?

Xpell is a fun game on blockchain that you can play it for to have income, you can trade your resources and NFTs for money.

NFTs have effect on the gameplay?

Yes, the NFT owners can use right NFTs to have good and fast progress in the game.

Is Xpell an endless game?

No, Xpell is not an endless game, at the end we will have a winner that will win the prize and an important NFT.

How many NFTs will mint?

In each round of the game we will mint unique NFTs in 3 diferrent rarities, and they will be sold in auctions. After a while we do not mint NFTs anymore.

Should I burn the NFTs in the game?

No, you don't need to burn the NFTs, they are usable in next rounds too.

How many player can play in a round of game?

In each round of game, +1000 players can play Xpell.

What blockchain Xpell will use?

Telos is an independent blockchain based on eosio technology, Xpell is using Telos blockchain for

What is virtual currency in the game?

DRIC is a native token on Telos blockchain, DRIC will be used as virtual currency in the game.

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